Supplier of 100% organic CBD

Our CBD oil is a very highly concentrated oil, based on coconut and it contains a very high percentage of pure CBD.
The percentage of the CBD can be that high, because our CBD oil does not contain any other ingredients as in other CBD (raw) oils.
In the CBD oil only have been used the tops of the hemp plant because these parts contain the most CBD.
These hemp plants are 100% organically grown on certified hemp fields and selected manually in the traditional way.

100% organic, 100% natural

CBD Goals

We are located in Spain. We are able to create a supplement especially for users of CBD, because of our own experiences, our extended knowledge and the sincere interest of our team.
We are continuously working on the development of a new formula and on the improvement of the composition of our product.
Our products are completely vegetable and organic.
We have passion for our customers and for our product. Like no other we are aware of the importance to deliver a reliable product to our customers.
Our policy implies that we do not use pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones,
chemical fertilizers or chemical products, whereby the purity of our product could be affected during the production phase.

Customer satisfaction

Our goals are not only related to the product. We are proud of our customer service and we try to process your transaction as smoothly as possible. Even after purchasing. At our customer service in The Netherlands we offer you the best support possible. Having questions or want to give us feedback? Please don’t hesitate to contact us through our contact page.

Due to legislation, we never can give medical or health advice related to our CBD products. In case of doubt, always consult your doctor!