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Azoth 30% RAW CBD Oil


Azoth CBD Oil

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Azoth CBD Oil

Azoth 10% RAW CBD Oil


Azoth CBD Oil

Azoth 5% RAW CBD Oil

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Azoth CBD Oil

Azoth 3% RAW CBD Oil


Azoth CBD Oil

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Azoth CBD Oil

Azoth 10% CBD Oil


Azoth CBD Oil

Azoth 5% CBD Oil

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Azoth CBD Oil

Azoth 3% CBD Oil


More about  our CBD products

CBD / Cannabis / Hemp / Cannabis oil is available in various intensities. The most used intensity however is the oil with 5% CBD. Depending the quality, the oil only consists of Pure CBD or other cannabinoids such as CBDA. For example in raw oil. The production process for raw oil is less complicated than the process for organic CBD oil, which contains only pure CBD. As a result  the raw CBD oil is cheaper than the organic oil. In order to regulate the oil dose, organic coconut oil  will be added by Azoth, SKAL certified. Unlike many other kinds of oil, who are based on olive oil or even water. It is known that olive oil can have a beneficial effect to various functions of our body.

Quality as a condition

We choose Azoth as most important brand for CBD oil. Completely organic, THC free and SKAL certified. The complete production process of the oil  is strictly controlled by the authorities  which provide these certification marks. To ensure this excellent quality, our company itself also is SKAL certified. In addition Azoth is clear about the exact compositions of the various types of CBD oil. A link to the analysis of each oil can be found on the product pages. In the organic CBD oil you’ll find pure CBD and in the raw CBD oil you’ll find a combination of CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, terpenes, flavonoids and phenols. The exact proportions can be found in the product descriptions.

About price and shipment of our CBD products

For us it is important that our products are accessible to everyone who want to use CBD oil, capsules and other products for whatever reason. Therefore you never pay too much and for our customers we have special promotions on regular basis. Discrete shipment of all CBD products is always free of charge, whether it concerns a mail shipment in case of 10 ml bottles, or a package in case of larger bottles. You even can select a collection point in your neighborhood, so you don’t have to stay home for delivery.

Also available as capsules

If you have problems dosing the CBD oil or you don’t like the taste of it, you can choose for CBD capsules. The tasteless Azoth capsules contain pure CBD and are easy to use. The capsules are the solution for those who don’t want to take Cannabis oil in drops.