Sleeping problems? CBD oil can help you!

Sleeping problems… we do not often think about it, especially if you don’t have any problems with it, but everyone sleeps an average of one third of his life. Except when you have problems sleeping. In this blog we explain how CBD oil can help you get rid of these problems and finally feel yourself again! At the end of this blog, we have added some personal experiences from our customers to tell you how it has helped them so far. Your own experiences with CBD oil, questions or comments about CBD oil and sleep are very much appreciated!


Insomnia is a common problem. Approximately 7% to 8% of the people in Europe is affected. The effects are obvious; you are not fit, poorly equipped and not sharp. People who suffer from insomnia often have concentration problems and the emotional volatility can dramatically increase.

The cause of the insomnia can be a lot of things. It may be your state of mind, wrong breathing techniques or a very irregular work schedule like working night shifts. All these causes have an negative impact on the bodies own production of endocannabinoids. Therefore the positive effect that CBD supplements have on your sleep cycle does not come as a surprise.

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CBD oil and sleep

The effect of CBD on sleep has already been examined, a study showed [1] that CBD extended the duration of sleep, expecially the periods of deep sleep.

It was discovered that CBD oil not only affects how easy we fall asleep and how long we continue to sleep, but also on the sleep cycle itself. CBD increases the deep third sleep phase and reduces the duration of the REM sleep. The third phase the main stage for those who suffer from a sleep disorder. REM stage is the stage in which we dream. A shorter period of REM sleep is associated with reduction of depressions.

Blood research during sleep showed that CBD oil affected the dopamine levels in the blood. This results in a more relaxed and better sleep.

There are also studies showing that CBD promotes alertness [2]. This sounds contradictory with what we previously said and this doesn’t sound like a good thing if you are looking for a better nights rest, however, this difference in effect may be explained by the differences in the administered concentrations of CBD. In one study a lower concentration of CBD was used and in the other study we worked with a higher concentration.

Opinion on use of CBD oil and sleep

According to research, our own experience and the positive experiences of our we know that CBD can definitly help with sleep. The most selected oil is the Azoth 5% pure CBD . This is due to the fact that the oil is purely concentrated CBD. We advise to use it twice or three times a day, several drops under the tongue (depending on your bodies needs). Keep it under the tongue for at least a minute. This should always be done purely because the CBD will be taken in by the mucous membranes in the mouth. If you mix with water or food the process will take longer as a part will get lost in the stomach and intestines. Our pure CBD products are based on coconot oil, so they taste good!

Cannabis Oil and sleep

We have noticed that many people are wondering whether CBD oil can also promote sleep. In our view, the answer is simple and; yes. High quality CBD oil will help you improve your sleep. The advantage of CBD in relation to cannabis oil (that also contains THC, the psychoactive component) is that pure CBD products do not have any side effects. In addition it is also the case that cannabis oil not legally for sale, so the products you can obtain will be homemade and will never be certified and tested like Azoth CBD products. Our opinion is that a health supplement should be HEALTHY, and we want to prove this to our customers. For this reason we do not offer cannabis oil (CBD and THC), and warn you to be careful when buying such products.
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Safe use of CBD and side effects

CBD oil is a safe supplement that also in higher concentration (10% or 15%) is well tolerated by people. There are no side effects known or proved by science. Trial and error is the way of finding the perfect dosage for you body, and we recommend to always start with a low dosage. Please note that some of the CBD-containing products not only contain CBD. Our RAW CBD products also contain CBDA, CBN, CBV and CBG. This also applies for the oil of many other brands and also for the CBD capsules. The organic certified oil of Azoth however in this respect is unique and contains only pure CBD. In addition to the opinion to always start with a low dose, 2-3 drops per day is often enough to improve your sleep provided that the oil is pure and a high concentration CBD.

CBD oil experience

Almost every day we hear that people sleep much better with the use of CBD. Do you also have experiences using CBD? Please share them with us so everyone can benefit from CBD’s healthy properties. Questions are always welcome!